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Wir bieten Managementberatung für gesamte forstwirtschaftliche Wertschöpfungkette vom Urproduzenten bis zum Endverbraucher. Unsere langjährigen Erfahrung erlaubt es uns, erfolgsentscheidende soziale, ökologsiche oder ökonomsiche Einflussgrößen in Ihrem Betrieb detailliert und präzise zu identifizieren um entsprechnde Führungsmaßnahmen zu treffen. Dadurch helfen wir unseren Kunden strategische Chancen schnell zu nutzen und möglichen Problemen vorzeitig aus dem Wege zu gehen.

Unser Leistungsspektrum umfasst auch Strategieentwicklung sowie deren Umsetzung im Bereich der Forst-und Holzwirtschaft innerhalb der einzelnen Wertschöpfungsebenen aber auch zwischen den Ebenen. So helfen wir unseren Kunden neue Märkte in der Holzverwendung zu erschließen oder aber zukünftige Entwicklungen der Holzmärkte abzuschätzen.

Durch die Kombination unserer überragenden Branchenkenntnisse und unseres Management Know-Hows mit bewährten Methoden zum nachhaltigen Schutz von Ökosystemen und der Biodiversität unterstützen wir unsere Kunden bei der Zertifizierung ihrer Wälder oder Plantagen sowie bei der angeschlossenen chain of custody.

Wir ergänzen mit unserem umfasenden branchenspezifischen Wissen nahtlos die Kompetenzen der Mitarbeiter unserer Kunden. Unsere Arbeitsmethoden reichen von der technischen Analyse bis zur Prozessoptimierung, von Sparring- bis hin zu Szenarioworkshops. Wir arbeiten in jeder Organsiationsebne.

Unser einigartiges Wissen um den gesamten Forstsektor ermöglicht es uns, schon die geringsten Vorzeichen einer Veränderung im Geschäftsumfeld unserer Kunden entsprechend zu interpretieren und mit dem Kunden gemeinsam nach einer Lösung zu suchen.


Etwas über die Hintergründe zur mitteleuropäischen Forstwirtschaft finden Sie hier

--- International Forest Industries ---

2018-04-25 14:41 | In celebration of Earth Day at Bleckley Elementary School, Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), made a landmark announcement for the agency recognizing that forest biomass is a carbon neutral renewable energy source.

COCHRAN, GA. (PRWEB) APRIL 23, 2018 Biomass

In celebration of Earth Day at Bleckley Elementary School, Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2018-04-25 14:22 | The Beck Group (Beck) and Forest2Market, Inc. today announced a partnership to launch Sawmill TQ (Top Quartile), a new service for gathering and delivering Southern Yellow Pine sawmill benchmark data to industry members.

The partnership combines Beck’s sawmill benchmarking experience and knowledge with Forest2Market’s SilvaStat360 cloud-based interactive business intelligence platform. Sawmill TQ subscribers will have fingertip access to historic and current sawmill benchmark data that...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2018-04-25 13:06 |

Atlas Engineered Products appoints M. William (Bill) Woods as CFO. Mr. Woods is a seasoned executive with management and executive experience in North American mining, manufacturing, biotech, telecommunications, transportation, and service industries. He has over 20 years of experience in senior and executive roles with established companies, as well as with various start-up and expansion scenarios.

He previously held the positions of CFO and COO of Athabasca Minerals, CFO of Cardio-...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2018-04-25 12:45 | Pinnacle Renewable Holdings Inc. (“Pinnacle” or the “Company“) (TSX: PL) today announced that it has entered into a long-term, take-or-pay off-take contract with Ube Industries Ltd. (“Ube”), a diversified Japanese conglomerate with annual revenues of approximately US$6 billion. Under the terms of the contract, Pinnacle will supply 70,000 metric tons per annum of industrial wood pellets to Ube...

--- GFIS ---

2018-04-25 10:30 |

Entering its second year of support for Grown in Britain, Lonza Wood Protection is continuing to develop products and technologies which will help the timber industry make the most of our home grown timber species. Andy Hodge, Marketing Director at Lonza said “Grown in Britain is a fantastic organisation that is driving change for good […]

The post Lonza – Backing Grown in Britain...

--- GFIS ---

2018-04-25 05:14 |

A near-century-old outdoor recreation club will now refrain from going outside because it is too dangerous out in the wilderness, according to officials at Penn State University.

--- GFIS ---

2018-04-25 03:46 |

Garden of Peace We are proud to have Dawson College as a partner that has been offsetting its carbon footprint through Taking Root’s reforestation program for the past two years. This is but one small initiative within its “Living campus initiative”, a concept that integrates educational approaches under the vision of well-being for all and […]

The post...

--- GFIS ---

2018-04-25 00:09 |

There are too many trees in Sierra Nevada forests, say experts from UC Merced, UC Irvine and the National Park Service working at the National Science Foundation Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory (NSF SSCZO).

--- GFIS ---

2018-04-24 22:02 | There are too many trees in Sierra Nevada forests, say scientists. That may come as a surprise to those who see dense, verdant forests as signs of a healthy environment. After all, green is good, right? Not necessarily. When it comes to the number of trees in California forests, bigger isn't always better.

--- GFIS ---

2018-04-24 17:20 | It’s back!! The 2018 PEFC Photo Contest has begun, and we can’t wait to see what amazing photos will be coming our way! To enter is simple, check out www.pefc.photo to see if your country is taking part. Then head to Instagram and post your awesome forest photo using the contest...

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--- GFIS ---

2018-04-24 16:32 | The UNFCCC report compiles information on, among others, progress, lessons learned, gaps and needs, as well as financial and technical support received by developing countries and provided by developed countries, in the process to formulate and implement NAPs as at 9 February 2018. In relation to gaps and needs in particular, the publication recommends that stakeholders be aware of the linkages between national monitoring, and the evaluation and monitoring of NDCs, the SDGs and other global...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2018-04-24 15:10 | A Terrace-based pellet plant may soon become a reality as Skeena Sawmills moves forward on its plans to begin construction this summer reports Terrace Standard.

The mill is reserving its official announcement on the estimated $20-million pellet plant until construction starts, but operations vice-president Roger Keery has confirmed the project is going ahead.

“All the major equipment is ordered,” Keery said, estimating that the company has already spent roughly $2 million on permits...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2018-04-24 14:57 | Roseburg announced that Pete Hancock has accepted the position of Roanoke Timberlands Manager, effective May 7, 2018. In this role, Hancock will oversee the day-to-day harvest and land management activities on Roseburg’s 158,000-acre fee land base in North Carolina and Virginia.

A 2001 graduate of Virginia Tech where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry, Pete Hancock has built an...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2018-04-24 14:39 | As part of the recent restructuring of Roseburg’s Resource business, Keith Eibel has been promoted to Director of Roseburg’s chip business and the Coos Bay Shipping Terminal.

“Keith Eibel has been instrumental in establishing Roseburg as the largest exporter of wood chips in North America,” Senior Vice President of Resources Scott Folk said. “He...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2018-04-24 14:11 | West Fraser announced Ted Seraphim’s plan to retire as CEO at the end of the 2Q 2019. West Fraser also announced the appointment of Ray Ferris, Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, as President and Chief Operating Officer effective immediately. Ray will be appointed CEO upon Ted’s retirement next year.

Ray Ferris has been with West Fraser since 1997 and has progressed through a series of key leadership roles. He was appointed West Fraser’...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2018-04-24 13:56 | Tigercat has announced that Kusiah McCullough has been appointed to the position of factory representative for Washington and Oregon.

Based in Shelton, Washington, Kusiah McCullough has been involved in many aspects of the logging industry in the Pacific northwest for his entire working career. His specialties include steep ground logging application with a lot of seat time in both the Tigercat LS855C shovel and the L870 series feller bunchers. Kusiah...

--- GFIS ---

2018-04-24 12:51 | The new Russian forest inventory and planning instruction has been officially published and will come into force on May 4, 2018. See more details in Russian here: Новая Лесоустроительная инструкция официально опубликована и вступит в силу 4 мая 2018 года

--- International Forest Industries ---

2018-04-24 12:31 | In 2017, Tigercat developed and released its most compact skidder platfrom, the 602 series. The prototype 602 skidder was sent to France last summer to be fitted with a Belgian designed and manufactured swing boom for use in mountain regions of Europe.

Now the 602 is available as a cable skidder suited to pockets of North America and other traditional winch skidder markets. The 602 cable skidder is ideal for high value selective hardwood logging and for retrieving timber from steep slopes...


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